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We help warehouses and distribution centres improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs with the latest barcode and data entry technology. We supply, install, service and support barcode scanning devices such as: scanners, printers, vehicle mount, wrist mount, voice and WI-FI network systems (including optic fibre) with associated software, as a complete solution.

We are a dedicated team so you’ll be sure to speak to more than one of us along the way, including the owners, Troy and Dominic. Intermax is located in Melbourne and was founded in 1996. We are proudly Australian owned and operated.

Improving Warehouse Operating Efficiencies

We work with you to identify opportunities for improved performance on the warehouse floor by equipping your team with the latest devices and technology to get their jobs done more quickly and efficiently.

We’ll visit your warehouse to ensure we fully understand your current set up, challenges and potential opportunities before proposing any improvements.

Voice and wearable scanning technology

We have the latest voice and wearable scanning technology available which offers a complete hands free experience for your pick, pack and delivery teams.

Our handheld devices are ergonomically comfortable for small and large hands alike whilst their rugged designs ensure they’re still able to withstand the warehouse environment.

Wifi mapping and installation

Using professional site-survey tools, we provide a full Wi-Fi site survey analysis to identify the optimum layout of Wi-Fi access points in your warehouse.

For existing Wi-Fi networks, current noise and interference from neighboring sites or internal equipment is clearly identified and will be displayed in our reports.


Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Automate your QA and QC processes by detecting faulty stock, damaged packaging and unreadable barcodes throughout the production line or prior to dispatch using vision detection systems and barcode verification systems.

Verifying your barcodes ensures that they meet all ISO quality standards and ensures they can be read by all barcode scanners including at point of sale. 



Customers want their orders to arrive quicker than ever before so time is money where downtime is concerned. That’s why we offer ongoing servicing and onsite preventative maintenance as well as device hot swapping, where we can change over a broken or faulty device on the next day to have your warehouse up and running at maximum capacity again.  

End to end barcode specialists

We supply and install the latest barcode printers, scanners, labeling software, barcode labels and thermal ribbons. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you navigate the changes in packaging and labeling as your business grows.

We can provide you with a trial set up so you can test the proposed devices and technology live in your warehouse and let your team use them prior to investing in the total solution. 

who we are

Troy Hagen

Troy Hagen

Managing Director

I started out my career as a Field Engineer installing solutions for clients. After chatting directly to many clients during this time I got a great understanding of the challenges they were facing and the types of solutions their business really needed to optimise performance. I realised I could put these skills to great use and decided to start a business where I could dedicate my time and energy to solving business productivity problems for clients. In 1996 I founded Intermax and have been passionate about providing productivity and efficiency solutions ever since. Something which was important to me when starting Intermax and still is to this day, is for our clients to have consistent interactions with the same people throughout their project. I’m proud to be part of a company where we’re able to make such a big difference to the businesses we associate with and this is what motivates me to continue in our own business everyday.



Sales Manager

Having worked previously in retail for ten years and then joining the barcode industry in 2006, I joined Intermax in 2010. As Sales Manager, I am committed to delivering the best results for you from start to completion of your project and ensuring a seamless transition throughout. I believe in providing a tailored solution based on your individual business needs and will only provide you with suitable solutions for your business. Providing productivity improvement solutions for clients is something I really enjoy and I find it rewarding to know that I’ve helped a business remove pain points and improve warehouse efficiencies through the solutions we provide.

stuart cooper

stuart cooper

Head of Engineering

My engineering career has spanned many industries, including automotive, aviation, defence and IT. Across all of these I saw the same challenges being faced; the focus on technology, equipment and software frequently eclipsed business and organisational needs. I had worked with Intermax previously and knew their approach was different. Intermax’s prioritisation of the customer and their needs was something I felt strongly about myself. This is why I joined Intermax in 2019 – I want to help customers implement technology that will make a real difference to their business. As the Head of Engineering, I am committed to providing my customers with whole-of-life solutions, to ensure the design, implementation, support and maintenance and eventual upgrades are all considered and will run smoothly allowing them to concentrate on running, improving and growing their business.
Lynda Hultgren

Lynda Hultgren

Administration / Reception

I started my career working in reception and administration in Real Estate and have run multiple businesses in a range of industries over the years. I thoroughly enjoy being around people and delivering a brilliant customer and business partner experience. 

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From improving warehouse Wi-Fi coverage to saving time with innovative barcoding solutions, take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on previously.

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