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The Intermax Icheck – Validator is the best solution to ensuring every barcode on your assembly line is tested and correct. Simply switch to “learn” and the scanner memorises the first read barcode and ensures every subsequent product has a matching barcode. If a missing, damaged or different barcode comes along, a siren will sound and a red strobe will flash. Additional switching outputs are provided to switch off conveyor or other electrical equipment. The Validator can work stand-alone or with scanned data can be sent either via Ethernet or Serial strings.

Avoid costly packaging mistakes and quickly identify poor, missing or incorrect barcodes. The system can be setup to detect on movement or via an optical sensor and has the ability to read fast line speeds.

As the Validator reads both 1D and 2D Barcodes its uses are unlimited; great for can and bottle lines, flat pack and carton lines – just about anywhere!


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