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Intermax Portable Power Supply System is a completely mobile power supply to be used on trollies. Comes Standard with two Power ports, and perfect for use on trollies in the warehouse that need constant power. Typically it is used to power, laptops and mobile printers, however, can be used for many other applications. Simply plug in your extension cord to jack provided to recharge the battery. Comes with steel casing frame to prevent it from falling/tipping over and is easy to self-installation.

Portable 12V Power source.

Our Portable Power 12V Power source is an ideal way of powering RF Vehicle Terminals and Printers
on non powered mobile equipment such as trolleys and carts.
The standard unit contains a high quality 75AH AGM Battery housed in Battery Box.
The Battery Box featires a Digital LED Voltage dsiplay a 50amp Anderson Connector wired with a 50Amp
auto reset Circuit Breaker and two additional power sockets; a Cigarette Lighter Socket and a Merit
Socket – both wired from a 30Amp auto reset Circuit Breaker.

Options include:
Choice of Batteries up to 120AH
Choice of installed sockets; Twin USB, Cigarette Lighter, Merit,k Engel (Max of 4)
Choice of 8 or 16 Amp Charger

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