Label Design Software Guide

So you need to produce a Barcode?

With Barcodes being an ever popular inclusion in just about every industry and market, the flexibility to print high quality, accurate barcodes cost effectively is a must.

The biggest issue is where do I get the barcode from – you certainly won’t find one in an MS Word Processor Package and using Barcode Fonts can be a difficult and troublesome process!

With many WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software packages now available at an affordable price, anybody can create and print barcode labels of any size using static, serialized, or database-driven data.

The good news is that nearly all barcode printers are supplied with a free lite version of a label design package. These can be used to easily print barcode labels as well as labels that include text, graphics, and images. The catch here is that they are limited to basic designs and do not usually include features such as ODBC connectivity, serialisation of fields and in some instances will not save the completed design.

For all enhanced requirements, you will need to purchase a full version to achieve your requirements – the basic ones start at a few hundred dollars with the full advanced multi-user versions sometimes costing over a thousand dollars.

There are many packages available, the most popular ones are;





Nice Label


Easy Label


Label Matrix


Zebra Designer

Running stand-alone or integrated with just about any other program via ODBC, (open database connectivity), Label Design Software is the perfect solution for almost any on-demand printing or marking application.
Some of  the additional functionality this software can offer includes:

label creation


print and apply


direct marking on parts and packaging


encoding smart cards


RFID embedded Labels


sign production

and much more…

Professional Versions offer powerful companion applications to manage system security, network print functions, document publishing, print job logging, and more.

Using Label Design Software

Using Label Design Software is similar to using word processor software except that the printer type and model must be specified prior to the label design being created, as the specifics of the printer (such as print width and dpi) will be a key factor in the barcode sizes available for printing. The printer used will also be saved into the label image so repeat printing is easy. Next, the label size is requested for the stock being used, as well as the number of labels across and the gap size in between labels.

An image of the blank label will then be displayed and all design work is carried out on this label image – making the design process quick and easy. Barcodes, graphics and text alike are added by drag and dropping your requirement from the toolbar onto the label image and positioning it. Label fields can be resized by simply clicking on the item and selecting to resize as required, however, barcodes will be fixed to set sizes to ensure print quality. All text is adjustable in size and fonts used and the various selections as in any word processor.

The best way to know if a software package will suit you is to trial use it and some packages offer free demo periods to fully sample the software without restrictions. These packages will usually run for a few weeks before going into a restricted use mode. Some packages will function but change characters when printed – so you will get a good idea of the results – but with altered text.

Such a package that offers a free trial is Bartender. It offers a month of free full featured use.

The trial version can be downloaded from the following link

Likewise, Bartender also offers full instruction in the use of their software via clever instructional video’s – these are available at: