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The speed and ease of tracking books on loan, returns and what is on the shelf has never been more important in this high speed technology age.

At Intermax we understand implementing barcode scanning technology into Libraries and Schools is a specialist area, and the Library Industry has different scanning and printing requirements to other industries.

Many barcode scanners default setting do not allow the scanning of the ISBN or other internal library barcodes, making buying scanners Off the Shelf difficult. So at Intermax we provide our Library Customers the service to “PRECONFIGURE” all of their scanner’s prior to shipping, this enables our customers to scan all of their codes out of the box.

At Intermax we ensure our equipment will integrate seamlessly with your existing Library Management Systems and offer extensive after sales support with both Phone support and On Site Service available.

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If your finding that bar codes are failing to read at your POS, then you are losing productivity and money! Bar Codes that fail at the register will also fail to read at stock take time and this may also make it hard to receipt goods into stock.

There are quoted figures of over $20 mil per year being lost due to poorly printed barcodes failing to scan. Invest in a Verifier so you can take steps to identify and rectify these issues.

Intermax sells ISO grade Verification units that analyses the barcode in a single scan and produce a graded result – telling you quickly if your code is at fault and whether it passes the industry standards.

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