Health Care Industry

Intermax has been providing leading healthcare solutions for over a decade. We created the first mobile imprest solution for Melbourne Health. Intermax continues to lead the industry in developing innovative solutions in Healthcare, interfacing seamlessly with hospital ERP system.

As a leading supplier of hardware, we ensure our customers always get the right equipment to deliver the best result for their job.

Healthcare Solutions

Supplies Tracking (Imprest)

Our Supplies Tracking (Imprest) solution uses portable computers and barcode scanning for quick stock replenishment. Working seamlessly with the hospital ERP software, our Stock Replenishment solutions make light work of this critical task. Currently in use at Melbourne Health, Peninsula Health, and Tasmania Health Hospitals.

Patient Identification

Intermax provides patient ID and tracking solutions through the use of wristbands with either RFID or Printed Barcodes. Patient identification is then reliable and accurate every time. Patient ID Systems works to track, verify, monitor and log all actions and procedures involving patients during their stay in the hospital.

Medical Instrument Tracking

The need for instrument tracking is a difficult yet critical area to any healthcare facility. The cleaning and disinfecting of instruments makes normal labeling impossible so Intermax offers Laser Marking. Using specialized scanners for reading Laser Marking our solution identifies each instrument and provides the critical information required to ensure the correct processes are followed for the care and safety of your patients.

Pharmacy Solutions

Intermax offers a variety of Pharmacy solutions: (a) Our Inventory Management solution includes interfacing barcode scanners and label printers with your ERP software. (b) Our Loan Equipment solution simplifies and automates the check-in and check-out of loan equipment using a mobile computer. Carried in the pocket, equipment is easily scanned and entered into the loan system. Equipment is no longer required to be brought to the PC, items can be scanned anywhere saving time and effort.

Prosthetics Management

Intermax has developed a solution for the tracking of prosthetic components. This greatly increases the accuracy and reduces the labor involved. Prosthetic devices are very costly and we understand the government programs, require accurate records and the supply companies also have their own requirements for the return of unused parts.

Laundry Tracking

The Laundry Order Tracking system automates the manual tasks in entering, picking and dispatching laundry orders. Using Portable Computers laundry orders are loaded onto the Portable Computers to make picking accurate and order dispatch dockets automatic. Originally developed for Warrnambool Hospital in 1999, our Laundry Tracking solution can be tailored to suit your current application.

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