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Barcode technology…working in manufacturing. Manufacturing in Australia is under pressure to find ways of cutting costs to remain competitive. Improving efficiency and automating processes is one way that achieves this. Barcode Technology is able to improve efficiency and automate processes in manufacturing.

Example: Work in Progress

By putting barcodes on WIP products and installing barcode readers on production lines.

A product’s ‘build document’ can be automatically updated as the product moves down the assembly line.

WIP systems can track production, identify bottlenecks, provide work order status, product tractability and saves costs.

Intermax can design you a Barcode System to achieve your goals with our range of Industrial Barcode Technology.

Manufacturing Applications for Barcode Technology:


Barcode Reading on conveyors


Automated shop floor


Sortation systems


Quality control and parts tracking


Automated Picking systems


Barcode Reading on forklift trucks

Products for Manufacturing


Intermax sells ISO grade Verification units that analyses the barcode in a single scan and produce a graded result – telling you quickly if your code is at fault and whether it passes the industry standards.

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