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Technology… improving the retail experience. Technology has revolutionised the way we shop, purchase and pay for things.For customers it has delivered an improved shopping experience, with reduced waiting times and payment being quicker and easier than ever.

For retailers it has delivered greater profitability by reducing staff needed while increasing sales speed, stock efficiency and accuracy.

The retail industry continues to face the new challenges of competing with online shopping. The advent of online shopping has increased the expectations of today’s customer. They want product now, in the right size, in the right colour for the right price, on their credit card, or they can buy it online.

Intermax has the latest technology, whatever the size of your store, to meet these demands in both POS and Stock Management.

We will interface our equipment with your existing systems and offer extensive after sales support with both Phone support and On Site Service available.

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Pre Scan Queue busting system


Stock Control


Label and Tag Printing


Barcode Verification


The PreScan queue-busting software is designed to improve front-end speed during peak times with a simple three-step process.

  1. The sales assistant scans a reference card to identify the customer.
  2. The sales assistant scans the customer’s items while the customer is still waiting in the queue.
  3. At the checkout, the sales assistant scans the customer reference card to tender the sale. The customer just has to pay and leave.


Using the Retailmax Stock Control application on Portable Computers you can conduct Stock Take audits on your stock levels and keep the right stock on-hand easier and cheaper than you think.


Switching your business to using barcodes or printing additional codes for items that were delivered without barcodes – is easier than you may think.

Intermax’s range of Bar Code Printers ensures a unit suitable for any business and with free “lite” design software supplied with each printer – just add the labels and you’re up and away!


If your finding that bar codes are failing to read at your POS, then you are losing productivity and money! Bar Codes that fail at the register will also fail to read at stock take time and this may also make it hard to receipt goods into stock.

The Retail association quoted figures of over $20 mil per year being lost due to poorly printed barcodes failing to scan. Invest in a Verifier so you can take steps to identify and rectify these issues.

Intermax sells ISO grade Verification units that analyses the barcode in a single scan and produce a graded result – telling you quickly if your code is at fault and whether it passes the industry standards.

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