Warehouse & Distribution

“Time is Money” – never has this been more apparent in distribution to retail. To save on the costs of getting product to the retailers, we focus on solutions that get customer orders right the first time, out on time, every time. We provide barcode and Wi-Fi solutions that deliver results by reducing time and increasing the accuracy of your order picking and stock put away. “With 10+ years’ experience, we know what you need and supply the right barcode technology solutions for your warehouse or distribution center and “We Make it work”. Intermax can provide everything from simple barcode scanning or printing solutions to installing a full Wi-Fi network and hardware solution. Many of our customers have a Warehouse Management System (WMS). But the WMS systems don’t always provide all the functions required, and then want you to purchase additional modules. Intermax has been designing bolt on solutions to meet these needs at a fraction of the cost. Intermax backs all of its products and services will full installation, onsite service and support.


Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners – Hands free, cordless and industrial Industrial Barcode Scanners – are best suited for users in a harsh commercial environment’s such as a warehouse’s or manufacturing plants that are…

Mobile Computers - Handheld

Mobile Computers offers a mobile data interface to your host, providing communication via Wi-Fi or mobile phone technology. Fully programmable and available in Windows or Android operating systems. Mobile computers are commonly used in stock control for stocktaking, price checking, stock order picking and put away.

Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers

Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers are for the user that spends most of their time on a forklift, reach trucks, turret trucks, high reach and powered pallet trucks. Cold storage forklifts – no problems we have heated screens and scanner warmers to ensure the solution works right.

Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi  Networks  provide Fast, Reliable Connectivity. Access Points provide highly secure and reliable wireless connections for both indoor and outdoor environments. Intermax provides everything from the initial Site Surveys, design AP layouts for optimum coverage, full installation and final Site Coverage test.

Terminal Emulation Software

Wavelink Is a program that runs on Mobile Computers. IT “mirrors” a Warehouse Management System user screens on the Mobile Computers, however the exact display is dependent on screen size. The communication between the Mobile Computers and the Warehouse Management System is via Wi-Fi Network.

Mobile Printers

Mobile Printers are used for applications where you are required to print labels on the move, from a mobile trolley or vehicle eg: forklift. They can communicate to a mobile computer via Bluetooth, and or WiFi. Great for markdowns, shelf labels and or shipping labels.

RF Trolleys solutions

Intermax has designed mobile RF picking trolleys and converted existing trolleys. The trolleys have both barcode Scanning and Printing on board. Equipment is battery powered that plugs into power to recharge at the end of shift. All isolation and protection equipment is handled via the on board power management system, providing enough power for up to two shifts per day!

Mobile Pick to light Trolley

This model allows the user to pick multiple orders at one time. Orders and locations are displayed on the Wi-Fi Computer screen and as each item is scanned, a digital display located in front of each carton indicates how many items are required for each individual order. Trolleys have been designed for 3, 6 and 9 carton versions. User is able to pick multiple orders while only passing through the picking bays on a single pass.

Industrial Fixed Mount Scanners

Fixed Mount’ Scanners, are suitable for conveyor systems. Models range from low cost CCD units to high end laser-based and imager 2D readers. Options available are auto-focus, and inbuilt oscillating mirrors to cover large surface areas at varying distances,  and are able to scan a variety of package sizes and shapes with changing barcode positions.

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