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    Barcode Scanners (58)

    There are many different models to choose from, when it comes to Hand Held Barcode Scanners. These range from lightweight, low-cost scanners right through to scanners designed for use in specific Grade & Industrial. We have created Scanner Subcategories to help you to make the right scanner choice.
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  • Socket Store

    Socket Store (36)

    There are many Socket Scanners To choose - here's a simple breakdown: 1D Imager Models: 7C, D700 & S800 1D Laser Models: 7M, 7P & D730 1D / 2D Imager Models: 7Q, 7X, D740, D750
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  • Mobile Computers

    Mobile Computers (42)

    Originally, Mobile Computers were known as Portable Data Terminals (PDT's). At the time of their introduction, these devices were leading edge technology in mobile data collection. Developed before the first viable laptop, PDT's were the fathers of the modern Mobile Computer. These Mobile Computers offers a reliable and secure mobile interface to your host, providing fast and dependable communication for your mobile workforce. These devices interface with either Web Based or client software via Wi-Fi and are also available as stand-alone batch terminals.
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  • Vehicle Mount Computers

    Vehicle Mount Computers (6)

    Vehicle mounted computers - are for the user that spends most of their time on a forklift. For industrial applications, where the laptop and or tablet will not withstand the harsh environment that is the warehouse or manufacturing floor.
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  • Barcode Printers

    Barcode Printers (12)

    Barcode printers come in a wide array of sizes,and models designed for differnt uses. Most models are available in either of these two options: Direct Thermal: which uses a heated print element to print the image onto heat sensitive paper with no printing ribbon needed. Thermal Transfer: which also has a heated print element but uses printer ribbon to print the image onto a wide variety of label stocks from paper to polypropylene for a wide variety of applications from freezers, heat, wet or industrial environments. Barcode printers are described in 4 different categories based on use: 1. Desktop, 2. Industrial, 3. Mobile, and 4. Receipt printers.
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  • Industrial Fixed Mount Scanners

    Industrial Fixed Mount Scanners (18)

    Industrial Fixed Mount Scanners and Image Readers, are stationary and usually mounted beside assembly lines and conveyors to read barcodes and identify products. The data is usually interfaced to the Process Line Contoller's (PLC) and/ or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Applications vary from pharmaceutical, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution
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  • Barcode Verifiers

    Barcode Verifiers (8)

    Barcode Verification is such an important direction in business today not only due to the penalties imposed when your barcode fails to meet quality standards - but also because of the loss of business and costs involved in fixing these issues. Therefore we have created a whole website to guide you through the various directions and choices that you have in selecting the best solution for you. Please contact Sales on or on Ph 03 98443302. Click Here to visit Barcode Verification Website.
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