Dimensioning Systems

Stop Wasting Time Doing Manual Measurements

Make getting quick, accurate measurements of any product or package a breeze with our state-of-the-art dimensioning systems.

dimensioning-systems - make getting quick, accurate measurements of any product or package a breeze with our state-of-the-art dimensioning systems.

Your Perfect Dimensioning Systems

Experience the Future of Warehouse Management in Australia

Imagine a tool that makes measuring boxes and pallets in your warehouse super easy and accurate. That’s exactly what dimensioning systems do. They’re like a smart helper, quickly figuring out the right size for each package, saving you time and hassle. No more guessing if a box is too big or too small for shipping these systems get it just right!

Whether you need to measure parcels on a conveyor, boxes or pallets of products about to be loaded onto a truck, or just individual items, we’ve got the perfect system for you. Whether you’re sending out a big order or organizing your storage space, dimensioning systems make these tasks a breeze, helping your business run like a well-oiled machine.

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Why Dimensioning Systems?
Say goodbye to measurement mistakes

In the fast-paced world of logistics and warehousing, precision is key. Dimensioning systems offer unparalleled accuracy in measurements, crucial for cost-effective shipping and optimized storage

Cut costs with perfect package sizing.

Avoid the hassle and cost of oversized shipments. Our systems ensure you choose the right carton every time, saving you both time and money.

Optimize your storage space effortlessly.

Beyond shipping, dimensioning systems enhance your facility’s internal operations, allowing for maximum utilization of storage space and optimized order sizes.

Choose the Perfect Dimensioning System for Your Needs
Large Standalone Systems
1. Large Standalone Systems
  • Ideal for big tasks: Measures large items like pallets and cartons.
  • Perfect for pre-loading checks: Use them before loading trucks or containers.
  • Ensure everything fits just right and avoid shipping surprises.
Conveyor-Based Systems
2. Conveyor-Based Systems
  • Streamlined and efficient: Measures items as they move along a conveyor.
  • Great for continuous flow: Keep up with the pace of your operations.
  • Accurate measurements on-the-go for parcels and individual items.
Static, Tabletop Systems
3. Static, Tabletop Systems
  • Compact and convenient: Perfect for one-off measurements.
  • Ideal for smaller items: Easily fits on a table or desk.
  • Simplifies postage and packaging for small parcels and packages.
Benefits of Dimensioning Systems

Transform Your Operations with Smart Dimensioning

Manual measurements are time-consuming and error-prone. Our systems not only save time but also significantly reduce the chances of costly mistakes.

Enjoy the benefits of a high return on investment. These systems quickly pay for themselves through the efficiencies they introduce.


Many of our dimensioning systems come integrated with scales, capturing both size and weight in one step, streamlining your process even further.

A dimensioning system is a tool used in logistics and warehousing that accurately measures the size and volume of packages and freight. This technology helps businesses optimize space in shipping and storage, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

With our range of dimensioning systems, you’ll find the perfect match for your business’s specific needs. From large-scale operations to individual package measurements, our solutions are designed to provide accuracy and efficiency, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity

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