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Slow and Steady can be Bad for Business

In business—probably the one you’re in—speed and accuracy is crucial. The more time you spend producing each item, performing each task, and correcting mistakes, the more it costs you.

There's Often a Limit to What You Can Do With the Technology You Have

Sure, you can explore ways to streamline your processes and encourage your team to increase their output, but you’ll probably be limited by what your existing tools and manpower can do.

Get the Tools You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level.

To see significant improvement, you often need to adopt cutting edge technology—and this is where the team at Intermax comes in.

We have all the data capture, automation, products, marking and labelling, solutions you need to instantly boost your output, reduce your costs, and improve your accuracy without demanding more from your team.

How We Can Help

When we say we’ve got everything you need to supercharge productivity, cut costs, and minimise losses in your business, this is what we mean.

Barcode Scanners

Get quick, accurate scans every time.

Tech-based Logistics Management
Barcode Printers

Print 100% accurate and readable barcodes with barcode label printers.

RF Terminal Australia
Mobile Computers

Access business-critical information from anywhere.

Custom Software

Enhance your productivity with bespoke software that perfectly matches your business processes.

Modernization & Voice

Turn your existing “green screen” into a modern mobile app and add voice controls!

Tech-based Logistics Management
WiFi and Networking

Get a tailor-made wifi network for your business.

Remote Device Management

Keep your fleet of equipment up to date with all the latest security and functionality enhancements.

Automation Systems

Boost productivity, minimise errors, and free your team up for more important tasks.

Barcode Verification

Ensure your barcodes are up to standard and can be read by your supply chain.

Dimensioning Systems

Make getting quick, accurate measurements of any product or package a breeze.

Laser Marking

Accurately print on a wider variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and cardboard with ease.

Tech-based Logistics Management
Maintenance & Servicing

Get top-notch support and replacement equipment fast.


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