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RFID Complements Barcodes For Glass Manufacturer

Identifying an issue in your production or process is a huge opportunity, as it gives you a chance to fix it and improve your processes and quite possibly your productivity. A major Australian Glass manufacturer who are the experts in planning, manufacturing and installing all things glass, already had a high level of automation within their factory using Barcodes on their glass to label and track the products through its various processes.

Glass panels were labelled and tracked through the manufacturing and cleaning process – however afterwards when stacked on trolleys or racking, they were misplaced or lost resulting in replacements needing to be made. The issue was that once stacked, glass could not easily be identified and the codes could not be read through the sheets glass stacked in front; not without major additional handling and moving of panels. The issue cost the business dearly in the time wasted in locating the panels or re-manufacture.

In analysing the work flow, Intermax was able to identify a point in the production where an RFID label could easily be introduced without much fuss and enable the glass panels to be easily identified or located at any point after application. This not only fixed a major issue in the production process, it also allowed a much quicker stocktaking solution to be created that voided the need to handle the stock.

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