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automation-systems - Boost productivity minimise errors and free your team up for more important tasks.

Automation Systems

Let’s Take Repetitive Tasks Off Your Team’s Plate!

Automation system is a machine, or group of machines, that performs a repetitive task or process with little or no human intervention. In suitable applications, automation systems can carry out these tasks faster and more accurately than a person could, improving both throughput and quality!

In today’s competitive world, every second counts, so the savings provided by automation systems can really start to add up.

Bringing automation to your workplace can be as easy as setting up a scanner to check products as they move along a conveyor belt.

This saves time compared to a person showing each product to the scanner or using a handheld device. If you’re not already using barcodes, the automation scanner lets you start without the hassle of manually scanning each code. It’s a straightforward way to make things quicker and simpler.

Automated Barcode Scanners are really just the “tip of the iceberg”, because with automation systems, you can weigh, measure, examine, label, sort, or reject items with minimal human intervention.

Comprehensive Automation Features: Transforming Your Workplace
Part detection
Part Detection: Enhancing Automation Efficiency

In any automated system, the foundational element is part or presence detection. Utilizing sensors, this feature determines whether a part is present, triggering actions like barcode scanning. With a myriad of sensors available, finding the perfect fit for your needs is both accessible and straightforward.

Size and Position Detection - Automation System
Size And Position Detection: Precision in Every Aspect

Detecting the size or position of objects proves invaluable in various applications. This capability identifies incorrect or damaged parts, ensures proper loading, and even gauges tank levels. From light gates to ultrasonic sensors, a diverse array of sensors fulfills size and position detection needs effectively.

Movement and Distance - automation system
Movement And Distance Detection: Coordinating Seamless Processes

In automation, detecting movement and distance is vital for synchronizing processes and preventing collisions. Linear or rotary encoders, integrated into moving parts like conveyors, offer effective solutions. Size and position sensors also contribute to accurate movement and distance detection.

Unattended Scanning - Automation System
Unattended Scanning: Automating Information Retrieval

Unattended scanning revolutionizes data retrieval, automatically capturing information from parts, packages, and more. Compatible with various codes and information forms, Intermax’s unattended scanners promise versatile applications, seamlessly integrating with MRP, ERP, WMS, and other systems.

vision-system-automation system
Vision Systems: Unleashing Possibilities with Machine Vision

Vision systems, powered by sophisticated software and AI, process image data rapidly. Ideal for inspection, robot guidance, and part identification, selecting the right vision system might seem daunting. Let us guide you in choosing a system that aligns with your current and future needs, unlocking limitless possibilities.

If you use conveyors with zero automation, you’re leaving serious time and money on the table due to errors, damaged products, and the severely limited speed at which human staff go over each item that passes through.

This is where our automation systems come in. They allow you to do the following tasks to all the items on your conveyors with little to no human intervention:
  • Weigh
  • Measure
  • Examine
  • Reposition
  • Sort
  • Label

Embrace efficiency and productivity with our diverse automation systems, offering a rapid return on investment. Upgrade your workplace effortlessly, as these systems pay for themselves, unlocking seamless operational enhancements.

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