Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions - We specialize in identifying your unique needs and delivering a blend of custom software solutions that streamline operations

Custom Software Solutions

Feeling let down by software that promises everything yet delivers less? It’s akin to a three-story house with tiny floors.

Our Tailored Software, like a custom house, perfectly fits your business needs, minus the needless extras. Imagine being presented with a standard software package—it has an array of features, but does it truly encapsulate everything your business requires?

Similar to a custom-made house that is built to your exact specifications, a tailor-made software solution ensures you get exactly what you need and disregard what’s unnecessary.

No longer will you have to settle for a “good enough” solution. Instead, you’ll be ecstatic with a system designed to mirror your business needs, leaving no room for operational gaps. Enabling you to function more efficiently, save significant time and reduce costs.

Intrigued about how it all comes together?

Our process is transparent, straightforward, and completely focused on you:

custom software solution-process-graphic
  • 1. Contact Us

    Get in touch with us through our email or phone number to get started.

  • 2. Your Requirements

    Intermax collects your data and requirements to make an offer fit for you.

  • 3. Rough Quote

    Intermax gives you a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) quote based from your data.

  • 4. Appointment with our Chief Software Architect

    If our offer is within your budget an appointment is made with our Chief Software Architect to make the formal offer.

  • 5. Design & Planning

    Intermax installs for you with stellar support.

  • 6. Solution Building

    Once the design is accepted and finalized, we build the solution.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what’s best for your business.

We specialize in identifying your unique needs and delivering a blend of custom software solutions that streamline operations.

Revolutionize your operations with Custom Software.

It’s time to wave goodbye to off-the-shelf solutions and welcome a realm where your software revolves around you.

Make the move with us today and witness the difference Intermax brings to your business!

Unleash the Power of Customization: Software Solutions Crafted Just for You!

Revolutionize your business operations, regardless of your current software environment. Be it an enterprise-level accounting system, an ERP solution, a small business platform such as MYOB or Xero, or even simple Excel spreadsheets. Integrating barcodes and data capture can skyrocket your efficiency and productivity.

Our custom software solutions are compatible with various business software systems, enabling you to add functionalities and streamline repetitive, high-accuracy tasks.

Our team of expert consultants is ready to work with you, to identify and build the perfect solution that ticks all your boxes. From seamless stocktaking to efficient order picking, we’ve got you covered.

Power Up Your Business with Unmatched Support

We deliver tailored solutions that fit your business needs like a glove!

Tailored to Your NeedsSay goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. We offer customized software solutions, uniquely designed to fit the specific needs and budget of your business.

Elevate Your Efficiency
Our solutions are built on the cutting edge of technology. They’re designed to keep your business at the forefront and ready for the future.

Expert Consultancy
Our team of consultants are experts in devising custom solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. You’re not just getting a product, you’re getting a partnership.

You're in Good Company.

Partnerships that sparkle with trust.