Wireless Network Improvement

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How Improving Wifi Coverage
Increased Warehouse Productivity

A major retail warehouse contacted Intermax for help as they were having major issues with their in-house wireless scanning devices. The warehouse was the essential link to getting product to stores quickly and efficiently and as most of the stock was picked, packed and dispatched via mobile computer systems, reliability of these devices and their wireless network was the central factor to the success of this business. However they were experiencing constant issues; very slow scanning responses, system freezes and delays resulting in much frustration and loss of productivity.

The first step to fixing this issue was to do a passive site survey and see what the configuration of their current WiFi Network looked like and what other devices were present within this area. The results illustrated that too many WiFi Access Points existed. The configuration of these also had incorrect power levels set and had not allowed sufficient channel separation. As a result the WiFi Access Points were interfering with each other and actually blocking signals.

Removing half of the WiFi Access Points and re-configuring the remaining units correctly resulted in strong and reliable wireless network coverage that quickly restored full operation to this business.

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