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Intermax Barcode Label Solution Saves A Manufacturer $40,000

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Providing a simple barcode solution to replace a labour intensive labelling task, not only improved a companies entire labeling process; it cut costs to such an extent that it saved approximately $40,000 in labour expenses per year alone.

A major Australian particle board manufacturer; who manufactured particle board sheets in set sizes and thickness’, was required to pre-label their stock with barcodes prior to distributing to their retailers.

Supplying to retailers required all boards to have a barcode so they could be sold through the scanning process at the check out. Having to individually hand label the edge of each board was not only hugely time consuming, it was also a very laborious task that was almost a full time job.

In reviewing this barcode labeling task, Intermax was able to come up with an innovative way to label large numbers of boards at the one time – effectively allowing entire stacks of boards to be labelled in a fraction of the time. The efficiency of this new process freed up significant staff time and created a better and more consistent result – with no additional hardware required.

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