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Your warehouse plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction for your business. Order lead times are getting shorter and the new norm is the expectation of placing your order and it being dispatched on the same day, or next business day. In a competitive online landscape, customer satisfaction has become a stand out measure of business success. Customer happiness often relies on fast and accurate order fulfillment, especially as customers can now simply choose to shop elsewhere at the click of a button. Improve your warehouse processes and watch your customer satisfaction rise.

By upgrading your technology in the warehouse you will be able to improve pick and pack efficiencies and accelerate the speed of fulfillment, optimise storage and stocktaking and reduce labour costs. Scroll down to see some of the solutions we provide which will help you simplify your business processes as well as gain access to new data and reporting.




With Microsoft discontinuing their Windows enterprise software, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading to Android mobile. Mobile computers and barcode scanners operating on Android are more like using a mobile phone than current warehouse devices, so they’re easier to use and understand, quicker to learn and operate and include communication and productivity tools previously unavailable on warehouse devices. Windows extended support including security updates will end in 2020 and businesses will need to move to Android as devices cease to operate effectively, however moving to Android earlier opens up a world of possibility where usability, efficiency and productivity is concerned. 


Adding voice to your mobile computers for picking, receiving, put away and replenishment offers a complete hands free experience for your warehouse team, leading to warehouse productivity gains and faster order fulfillment. Voice will work alongside scanning, screen tap and keyed entry all on the same device giving your floor operators the choice to use the method that best suits the task at hand. Compatible with all devices and operating systems and quick to implement and train, you’ll be able to have voice operating in your warehouse in as little as thirty days.


We have the latest mobile and wearable scanning technology available which offers a seamless experience for your pick, pack and delivery teams. From belt clips, holsters, shoulder and hand straps to ring scanners and voice headsets, we can ensure your team have the equipment they need to remain hands free and get their job done quickly and easily. For handheld mobile devices and touch computers, there’s a range to choose from including ergonomically comfortable devices, which are still able to withstand the warehouse environment.


Vehicle mounted computers are ideal for the user that spends most of their time on a forklift or on the road. Vehicle mount computers link to the same operating system as your warehouse mobile computers and are well suited to industrial use, where the laptop and or tablet will not withstand the harsh environment of the warehouse or manufacturing floor. 


Reduce the risk of interference and device drop out zones of your Wi-Fi network as well as identify the correct number of access points required to keep your install costs to a minimum. We use professional site-survey tools to provide a full Wi-Fi site survey analysis to identify the optimum layout of Wi-Fi access points in your warehouse. For existing Wi-Fi networks, current noise and interference from neighboring sites or even internal equipment is clearly identified and will be displayed in our reports – allowing decisions to be made and potential costs to be analysed prior to changes being made. 


We’ll help you navigate the changes in packaging and labeling as your business grows. We are able to supply and install the latest fixed and portable barcode printers, scanners, barcode labeling software, barcode labels and thermal ribbons. Create barcodes and barcode labels onsite for individual products, cartons, pallets, consignments and automate the printing and control of labels, tags, Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) tags, plastic cards and much more.


For mobile warehouse devices, ensure company property and company data remains within the warehouse by installing device tracking and geo-fencing software. Disable the device and the company data quickly and remotely if the device goes missing from the warehouse floor and trace to it’s current location for quick and easy recovery.  


Comprehensive all inclusive warranties are available on new devices as well as ongoing servicing and onsite preventative maintenance by qualified engineers and service technicians. We also offer a device hot swapping service to reduce downtime in the warehouse where a broken or faulty device is swapped over for a working device to have your warehouse up and running at maximum capacity again. 


We will provide you with a trial set up so you can test the proposed devices and technology live in your warehouse and let your team use them, prior to investing in the total solution. Once we’ve agreed on the proposed improvements we’ll work with you and your IT manager every step of the way to ensure hassle free installation and warehouse integration.

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