Datalogic 2 Meters USB A Enhanced Straight Cable (Replaces CAB426)

Datalogic 2 Meters USB A Enhanced Straight Cable (Replaces CAB426)

Features: USB Type A, Enhanced Straight Cable, 2 Meters

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Unleash seamless connectivity

with Datalogic 2-Meter USB A Straight White Cable. Designed to provide a simple and reliable connection between your devices, this cable helps you transfer data quickly and accurately. Whether you're connecting your Datalogic Scanner or any other device with a Type A USB port, this cable offers smooth and uncompromised data transfer. Crafted with TPUW for added durability, it boasts a 2-meter straight design in a classic white finish. Its hot-pluggable USB feature ensures a quick connection, saving you valuable time and enhancing your productivity.



Cable Type USB (White)
Cable Length 6.56 feet or 2 Meters
Connector Type A USB
Device Compatibility Suitable for Barcode Scanner and other Type A USB devices


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