Datalogic Gryphon GD4520 (USB) Kit

Datalogic Gryphon GD4520 (USB) Kit

Kit Includes: Scanner, Base, USB Cable

Features: Scans 1D and 2D Barcodes

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Gryphon I GD4520, Kit, 2D Mpixel Imager, USB-only, Black (Kit includes Scanner, All in One Permanent Base and USB Cable 90A052258)

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable scanner for your retail business, you might want to consider the Datalogic Gryphon GD4520 Kit. This is a corded scanner that uses advanced imaging technology to read all kinds of bar codes, including 1D, 2D, postal, stacked and composite codes. It can also read bar codes from mobile devices, which is useful for mobile marketing or ticketing applications.

Datalogic Gryphon GD4520

This innovative product employs imaging technology and advanced motion sensing technology to deliver unmatched scanning performance while remaining easy to use and deploy.

The Gryphon GD4520 features a Megapixel sensor with white illumination 2D technology, which enables it to deliver outstanding performance. The product's design is elegant and trendy, and its ergonomics are unchallenged, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.

With Datalogic's Motionix motion-sensing technology, the operator's natural actions are detected, and the scanner automatically switches to the desired scanning mode. The aimer and the sensor can be programmed to the user's desired preferences, giving more operational choices. Additionally, both the imager's aimer and sensor are programmed with white illumination technology that is easier on the human eye and reads colored labels better.

The Gryphon GD4520 is simple to use and deploy. It provides snappy reading performance on all commonly used 1D and 2D codes, as well as postal, stacked, and composite codes like PDF417. The product incorporates an enhanced optics system that offers improved motion tolerance and high-speed imaging to read fast-moving codes.

The Gryphon GD4520 is suitable for both hand-held and presentation reading, making it perfect for retail environments. The product's highly visible 4-Dot aimer defines a precise reading zone, reducing accidental reads, while the aimer's center cross provides a locator for targeted scanning in a multiple bar code environment.

The Datalogic Gryphon GD4520 Kit is a powerful and versatile scanner that can enhance your retail operations and customer experience. It offers outstanding performance, durability and ergonomics, making it one of the best choices for general purpose scanning applications.

  • 1 MP optics for superior scanning and Depth of Field
  • Datalogic distinctive technology with highly visible white-illumination and 4-Dot aimer with center cross for targeted scanning
  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology and exclusive 3GL™ (3 Green Lights) for superior good-read feedback
  • Motionix™ motion-sensing technology for seamless reading mode transitions
  • Omnidirectional reading
  • Advanced motion tolerance optics
  • Image capture and document scanning capabilities
  • Reads 1D, 2D and postal codes plus stacked and composite codes
  • Digital Watermarking and DPM reading on specific models/applications
  • Multi-interface options: USB-only or multiinterface RS-232 / USB / Keyboard Wedge
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI


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