Honeywell 5 Volts Power Supply

Honeywell 5 Volts Power Supply

Features: For use with CCB02-100BT-07N, CCB05-100BT-07N or CCB00-010BT-01N

SKU: PS-05-1000W-I
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Reliability meets versatility with the Honeywell 5 Volts Power Supply.

This power companion ensures seamless operation of your Honeywell scanners with its robust 5 Volts AC Power Supply functioning at 50-60 Hz. Whether you're in China, New Zealand, Australia, or Argentina, this power supply has got you covered. With its compatibility spanning across the Honeywell 1202G, 191XI, 198XI, 199XI, and 7980G models, you can count on this reliable gadget to keep your work flowing smoothly. The Honeywell Power Supply supports a range of input voltages from 90 to 255VAC at 50-60Hz, adapting to your local power grid. It delivers a steady output of 1.0A at 5.2 VDC, ensuring a consistent power supply to your devices. This reliable power companion comes with a 1.0A current rating at 5.2 VDC, and it's designed for use with CCB02-100BT-07N, CCB05-100BT-07N or CCB00-010BT-01N.

Power Supply Plug Compatibility

Power Output

Supported Devices

China, New Zealand, Australia, & Argentina 1.0A @ 5.2 VDC, 90-255VAC @ 50-60Hz CCB02-100BT-07N, CCB05-100BT-07N, CCB00-010BT-01N


Compatible Honeywell Models



Brand Name

Supported Device

Input Voltage

Maximum Output Current

Product Type

Honeywell Scanner 120V & 230V AC 1A AC Adapter


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