Honeywell Edge Service Addon Mobile Replace 3 Years Comprehensive Coverage

Honeywell Edge Service Addon Mobile Replace 3 Years Comprehensive Coverage

Features: Honeywell Edge Service Add-on Mobile Replacement

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AddOn, Edge Service, Device Replacement, Mobility, 3 Year - This will upgrade a Gold Contract to cover devices damaged to the point that they need to be replaced.

Uninterrupted Operations with Honeywell Edge Service Addon
  When operations cannot afford downtime, Honeywell offers the Edge Service Addon - Mobile Replace, a 3-year comprehensive coverage solution tailored for your mobile devices. This addon elevates your Gold Contract, ensuring that if a device is compromised beyond repair, a swift replacement is just a call away. In industries where a lag can spell disaster, trust in Honeywell's commitment to preserving your productivity and peace of mind.
All-Round Lifecycle Support
  The brilliance of the Edge Service Addon isn't merely in device replacements. It's a holistic approach to mobile device management, supporting devices from their initial configuration, right through to their eventual retirement. Beyond mere maintenance, experience the benefit of a 24/7 Help Desk, assistance in device deployment, and even support for associated applications. Your business continuity is our priority.
Customized Care at Your Fingertips
  The Honeywell Edge Services offer an array of service plans and add-ons to align with your business's unique requirements and budgetary considerations. From the Basic to the Gold maintenance plans focusing on device tech support to the comprehensive Platinum Solution that envelops Android OS updates and Operational Intelligence - choose the service level that resonates with your operational needs.  
Upgrade Option Description
Full Comprehensive Upgrade Replaces damaged devices beyond the scope of repair.
Sentinel Service Provides patches and minor enhancements on Android software.
Help Desk 24/7 telephone support for software applications.
Battery Refresh New batteries provided based on the length of the service contract.


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