Honeywell Edge Service (Gold) CT45 3 Years Comprehensive Coverage

Honeywell Edge Service (Gold) CT45 3 Years Comprehensive Coverage

Features: Complete lifecycle support for mobile computers from start to finish.

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Edge Services is a complete solution that provides support for the entire lifecycle of a mobile computer - from configuration and installation to ongoing support, migration, asset retirement, and recycling.

Unparalleled Support with Honeywell Edge Service (Gold)
  In an era dominated by mobile computing, durability is key. Honeywell, a trusted name across industries, introduces the Edge Service (Gold) CT45 - a comprehensive 3-year coverage plan crafted to ensure that your Honeywell mobile computers never falter. No more worries about the lifeline of your device; from its initiation to its eventual retirement, the Edge Service provides end-to-end support, embodying the true essence of holistic care.  
Beyond Just Maintenance
  Edge Services is not just a regular maintenance plan. It delves deeper, offering a 360-degree solution. Whether it's assistance in device deployment, managing spare pools, or providing rentals, Edge Services stands out with its 24/7 Help Desk support. Furthermore, tailored to cater to diverse needs, choose from three distinct service levels. While the Basic and Gold plans focus on critical device tech support with customizable upgrade options, the Platinum Solution extends its offerings to include Android OS updates and a unique Operational Intelligence insight.  
Customized for Your Needs
  Understanding that one size doesn't fit all, Honeywell Edge Service provides a customizable suite of services. Depending on the size of your fleet and budgetary requirements, select from a multitude of service plans and add-on options. Get the privilege of comprehensive coverage, and with the Gold plan, expect unparalleled device and accessory coverage, ensuring that your business operates smoothly without hitches.
Upgrade Option Description
Full Comprehensive Upgrade Replaces damaged devices beyond the scope of repair.
Sentinel Service Provides patches and minor enhancements on Android software.
Help Desk 24/7 telephone support for software applications.
Battery Refresh New batteries provided based on the length of the service contract.


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