Honeywell Xenon XP 1952H (Bluetooth)

Honeywell Xenon XP 1952H (Bluetooth)

Features: Standard Range - Scans 1D and 2D Barcodes

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1950h Scanner Only: Healthcare, 1D, PDF417, 2D, SR focus, White Disinfectant-ready housing, Vibration, ROW Only
The Xenon XP 1952 series healthcare scanner
The Honeywell Xenon XP 1952h Bluetooth scanner is designed for healthcare professionals to increase productivity and reduce costs. It offers superior scanning performance, multiple patient comfort modes, and is engineered to be durable and withstand harsh disinfectants. The scanner also has a long battery life and a wireless Bluetooth connection that allows you to move freely around the patient room or the hospital. The Honeywell Xenon XP 1952H Bluetooth is not only fast and accurate, but also smart and easy to manage. You can use the Honeywell Scanner Management Utility (SMU) to remotely configure and update the scanners in your environment, without having to physically touch them. You can also use the Honeywell Operational Intelligence software to monitor the performance and health of your scanners, and get insights on how to improve your workflow and productivity. This scanner is also designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. You can choose from different modes to adjust the scanner's feedback and illumination, depending on the patient's preference and condition. For example, you can use the Patient Do-Not-Disturb mode to mute the scanner's sound and reduce its brightness, or the Vibration mode to feel a gentle vibration instead of a beep when a scan is successful. You can also use the Scan Lamp mode to illuminate the barcode without disturbing the patient.
The Honeywell Xenon XP 1952H Bluetooth is a scanner that can meet the needs of any healthcare setting. It offers premium performance, class-leading durability, and patient comfort features that can improve patient outcomes and lower total cost of ownership.


  • Features:
    • Patient Do-Not-Disturb, Vibration, and Scan Lamp Modes
    • Honeywell Scanner Management Utility (SMU)
  • Form Factor: Gun Shape
  • Application: Healthcare


  • Overall Dimensions: 104.1 mm x 71.1 mm x 160 mm, 4.1 in x 2.8 in x 6.3 in


  • Decode Capability: 1D/2D
  • Skew: 65
  • Number of Scans: 72000
  • Depth of Field: 0 – 34.2 in
  • Scanning Range: Standard range (SR), High density (HD)
  • Motion Tolerance: Up to 400 cm/s (157 in/s) for 13 mil UPC at optimal focus
  • Pitch: 45
  • Scan Pattern: Area Image
  • Print Contrast: 20
  • Brightness: 0 – 100000 lux


  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Bluetooth Specifications: v4.2


  • Aimer Type: Bar
  • Host System Interface: KBW, RS-485, RS-232, USB
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Engine Type: 2D


  • Battery Types: Super Capacitor


  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C, 32 – 122°F
  • Operating Humidity: 0 – 95%
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40 – 70°C, -40 – 158°F


  • Protection Ratings: IP52
  • Tumble Specifications: 2,000 0.5 m (1.6 ft) tumbles
  • Drop Specifications: 50 1.8 m (6 ft) drops to concrete


  • Warranty Duration: 3 yr


  • Power Connector Type: Cordless


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