Socket Durascan D600 (Cordless) Kit

Socket Durascan D600 (Cordless) Kit

Kit Includes: Scanner, Cable, Battery

Features: Near Field Communication & Radio Frequency Identification

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DuraScan® D600, Contactless Reader/Writer, Black & Black Dock
If you are looking for a cordless scanner that can read and write NFC and RFID tags, labels and smart devices, you might want to check out the Socket Durascan D600. This is a product from Socket, a leading brand in the data capture industry..
Socket Durascan D600 Cordless Scanner

The future of data capture in the industrial sector. This handheld reader/writer is designed to provide you with durable, portable and ergonomic solutions. The D600 features a fast NFC and RFID reader with exceptional reading ability that supports the widest variety of HF RFID and NFC devices, including standard and most proprietary card formats.

With programmatic control, the D600 operates seamlessly for various applications such as hospitality, retail and logistics industry via Bluetooth® low-energy connection. It is also designed to be compatible with a range of mobile devices, making it developer-friendly for iOS and Android users.

The features of the Socket Durascan D600Cordless Scanner provides users with impressive benefits, such as long-lasting battery life, with the power to last for two 8-hour shifts, intuitive LED indicators and melodies for easy monitoring of the battery, Bluetooth connection, and scanning status. Additionally, the D600 is designed to be exceptionally ergonomic with its small, light and comfortable design, even with gloves on, allowing for extended periods of use. With an exceptional rating of IP54, the D600 can withstand harsh environments, multiple concrete drops, and repeated tumbles.

Other fantastic user-centric design features include the inclusion of the lanyard/belt clip for convenient access wherever you go, and its antimicrobial material that protects users against harmful bacteria.

The Socket Durascan D600 Cordless Scanner is the perfect solution for your industrial data capture needs. You don't need software installation as the NFC/RFID reader doesn't require it, which makes it easier for you to start scanning right out of the box. However, with application mode, which leverages functionality by integrating with Socket Mobile's SDK in your app, you can improve business productivity and data transfer efficiency. Designed and made in the USA, the Socket Durascan D600 Cordless Scanner packs the punch of technical excellence, reliability, and ease of use all in one.  
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Durascan D600 Features:

  • Reading: Fast NFC & RFID Reader (HF tags, labels, smart devices)
  • Writing: Write/Encode, lock, unlock tags, and communicate peer-to-peer with smart devices
  • Exceptional Reading Ability: Reads small tags, hard-to-reach tags, tags surrounded by metal or water
  • Exceptional Ergonomics: Small, light, and fits perfectly in the hand (with or without gloves on) for comfortable use over extended periods of time
  • Long Lasting Battery: Power to last for two 8-hour shifts
  • User Feedback: Intuitive LED indicators and melodies let users monitor battery, Bluetooth connection, and scanning status at a glance
  • Rugged Design: Protection rating of IP54 for dust and water splashing protection. Withstands multiple drops to concrete and repeated tumbles
  • Protective Material: Made with antimicrobial additives to help protect against harmful bacteria
  • Basic Mode (default): No software installation required when using the NFC/RFID Reader & Writer in Bluetooth HID mode
  • Application Mode: Improves business productivity with faster, efficient and reliable data transfer, leveraging functionality by integrating Socket Mobile’s SDK in your app
  • Wireless (Bluetooth): Reading for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices with long-range Bluetooth connection of 330 feet (100m). Uses Bluetooth low energy 4.2 with Privacy and Security Enhancements
  • Wearable: Includes lanyard/belt clip for convenient access wherever you go
  • Designed and made in the USA.

Durascan D600 Includes:

  • D600 Contactless Reader/Writer, Black
  • Charging Cable
  • Wrist Strap


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