SwiftColor SCC-4000D – Oversized Credential Printer

SwiftColor SCC-4000D – Oversized Credential Printer

Features: Fast Badge Printer, 140 x 90mm, Inkjet with Gloss/Matt Finish.

SKU: HP108614B001

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SwiftColor SCC-4000D: The Ultimate Oversized Credential Printer
Step into the realm of rapid, high-resolution printing with the SwiftColor SCC-4000D. Harnessing the power of single pass print-head technology, this printer promises unparalleled sharpness at 1200 dpi.  
Its standout feature?
It can deliver a full-color 3.5” x 5.5” card in a mere 2 seconds, setting a new standard for speed and efficiency. Whether you're hosting major sporting events, seminars, or music festivals, the SCC-4000D ensures every pass, badge, or credential not only looks professional but is also produced in a flash. No need for pre-printing; it’s on-demand, high-speed quality, every single time.   From tradeshows to educational summits, the SCC-4000D caters to all. And with the flexibility to print on both SwiftColor paper and PVC cards, coupled with its ability to cater to a range of sizes, it’s an adaptable solution for diverse event needs. Ready to elevate your event’s professionalism and efficiency? Choose SwiftColor SCC-4000D.

Print Speed

  • Colour: 30 seconds per card (Single Sided)


  • 343mm L x 322mm W x 360mm H


  • USB 2.0 & 3.0 and Ethernet


  • 36 Month Return to Base
  • Lifetime Printhead

Hopper Capacity

  • 200 Card Input
  • 100 Card Output

Print Technology

  • Thermal Reverse Transfer
  • Over the Edge
  • 300dpi

Card Dimensions

  • CR80 PVC ISO (85.6mm x 54mm)

Card Thickness

  • 0.76mm to 1.02mm

Card Types

  • PVC
  • Composite PVC
  • ABS & PET
  • HiCo Magnetic Stripe
  • Smart Cards
  • Sig Panel
  • Self-Adhesive

RFID | Smart Card

  • Contactless 13.5Mhz (MIFARE®)
  • PROX 125Khz
  • Contact Chip

Visual Security

  • UV Image 256 Shades (Via Optional Ribbon)
  • High Detail Design


  • Magicard


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