Ubiquiti Extended Warranty – 3 Years Extended Advance Replacement

Ubiquiti Extended Warranty – 3 Years Extended Advance Replacement

Features: 3 Year Warranty


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Ensure your Ubiquiti equipment stays up and running with the Ubiquiti Extended Warranty - a commitment to your peace of mind. This warranty extension offers an additional three years of advanced replacement coverage, ensuring prompt resolution of any potential issues. Here's why you need it:

Value Protection

The Ubiquiti Extended Warranty is an investment safeguard. $1000 worth of Ubiquiti products with just 20 units of EXTWAR-UBNT-3YR at $10 each (with GST), protecting your initial investment.

Quick Resolution

Our goal is to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. We aim to complete the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process within 24-48 hours, promising a swift resolution to warranty claims.

EOL Product Coverage

Even if your product has reached its End-of-Life status, we've got you covered. We replace it with the nearest equivalent item in stock, based on the current market value of your original item, ensuring an appropriate replacement.

Out-of-Stock Solution

If the exact product is not available, we don't issue credits during the extended warranty period. Instead, we provide the nearest equivalent product as a replacement. The Ubiquiti Extended Warranty - 3 Years Extended Advance Replacement ensures you enjoy peace of mind, confident that your Ubiquiti equipment will always be taken care of, promptly and efficiently.



Warranty Type Extended Warranty
Coverage Duration 3 Years
Advanced Replacement Yes
Coverage Amount $1000 worth of Ubiquiti products
Units Required for Full Coverage 20 units of EXTWAR-UBNT-3YR
Cost per Unit $9
RMA Processing Time 24-48 hours
EOL Product Coverage Replacement with nearest available equivalent
Out-of-Stock Coverage Replacement with nearest equivalent product
Credits Issuance Not available during the extended warranty period


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