Intermax Remote Management & Phone Support

Intermax Remote Management & Phone Support

Features: Get weekday support (9PM-5PM), 1hr monthly support & 3 years of assistance with our service.

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Intermax Remote Management & Phone Support - The Support Your Business Deserves


Flexible Support Hours We offer support from 9 PM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday, aligning with your business hours for uninterrupted workflow
Monthly Support Enjoy up to one hour of dedicated support every month to tackle any tech issues
Long-term Commitment Our team is committed to assisting your business for a total of 3 years, ensuring consistent, reliable service
Affordable Pricing The support is priced per unit, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes

Uninterrupted Business Operations

Bid farewell to downtime. Our wide range of service and support offerings are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring smooth and continuous business operations.

Remote Device Management

Keep your company devices secure and updated remotely. Our app serves as a centralized hub for monitoring and managing all your business devices, wherever you are in the world. Read more here.

Preventive Maintenance and Servicing Prevent

costly downtime resulting from equipment malfunctions. Our team provides prompt expert support, ensuring your devices are up and running without any unnecessary delay.

Make managing your devices a breeze with Intermax Remote Management & Phone Support, providing reliable assistance, reducing downtime, and improving operational efficiency.

Device Monitoring Monitor your devices’ battery health to ensure they’re always ready for use
Scheduled Updates Automate firmware updates during non-working hours to minimize work disruption
Device Tracking Keep track of each device, improving security and reducing the risk of loss
Geo-Fencing Implement geo-fencing for each device, initiating automatic actions when devices leave the designated area. Actions may include sending a notification or disabling the device


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