Speakeasy License and 1 Year Maintenance

Speakeasy License and 1 Year Maintenance

Features: Application License - 1yr Standard Support & Maintenance

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Experience voice command transformation with the Speakeasy License and 1 Year Maintenance.

An intelligent application that revolutionizes your warehouse operations, it offers full-featured voice enablement that can be swiftly deployed, all at an affordable cost.

Highly Adaptable

You can deploy Speakeasy on systems and mobility solutions currently in use, or integrate it as you refresh your mobile devices, including those running the Android operating system. Speakeasy Brochure

Warehouse Operations Transformation

Speakeasy enhances your warehouse picking and packing operations by introducing the power of voice commands. No need for workers to look up items and orders on a device, freeing their hands and improving efficiency. How to Select the Right Voice-Enabled Solution for Your Warehouse

Application License - 1yr Standard Support & Maintenance

Rest assured with an application license that provides a full year of standard support and maintenance. Read more here Toshiba Case Study

Voice Enablement

Break through the high cost and complexity of traditional voice adoption. Speakeasy provides a seamless voice solution, improving productivity and safety. 4 Costs Traditional Voice Applications Don’t Want You to Think About

No Middleware Requirement

Speakeasy works directly with any Warehouse Management System (WMS), negating the need for any middleware.
Voice Enhancement Enhances operations using voice commands
Integration Voice-enables existing systems and integrates with your host system
Faster Shifts Supports faster shift initiation and increases picking productivity
Wide Deployment Allows voice command deployment across the warehouse
No Middleware Compatible with any WMS without requiring middleware
Multilingual Supports Speech-to-Text / Text-to-Speech in 50+ languages
Multi-modal Supports voice, scanning, RFID, screen interfaces
Designed for Enterprise Tailored for enterprise applications, reducing training time
Cost Effective More affordable than traditional voice solutions
Rapid Implementation Fast implementation for quick ROI


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