Velocity Telnet License and 1 Year Maintenance

Velocity Telnet License and 1 Year Maintenance

Features: Application License - 1yr Standard Support & Maintenance

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Introducing the Velocity Telnet License with 1 Year Maintenance, your gateway to simplified and efficient workflows.

This innovative solution brings your existing Telnet masks into the Android landscape, offering improved display options and ease of use.

Modernized Interface

No more text-based masks. The Velocity Telnet License transforms them into color-supported interfaces with large, touch-friendly buttons, enabling faster and error-free operations.

Optimized Touch Display

Simplify tasks with visual cues. Choices like "Yes" or "No" are represented as large, red, or green bars on the touch display, ensuring quick decisions and increased productivity.

Application License - 1yr Standard Support & Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with an application license that offers a whole year of standard support and maintenance.

Cost-Effective Upgrade

Continue operating your existing solution with minimal additional investment, reducing risk, cost, and effort while maximizing profit.


Adjust automatic conversions manually and customize your masks without changing your current application, truly tailoring the solution to your needs.

Performance Boost

Benefit from faster processors, superior displays, and a modern OS, enhancing the user experience and overall productivity.
Modern GUIs Converts “green/black” masks into easy-to-use graphical interfaces
Touch Input Fields Turns numbered menus and YES/NO queries into touch input fields
Adjustable Conversion Allows manual adjustment of automatic conversion
Enhanced Productivity Offers clearer displays and simplified operation for increased productivity
Configurable Soft Keyboard Limits possible entries, reducing potential errors
Economical Solution Continue existing solution with small additional investments
Low Risk, High Profit Little risk and work involved for high profit
Customizable Masks Allows customization without changing current application
Modern OS Benefits Offers advantages of faster processors, better displays, and modern OS



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