Velocity Web License and 1 Year Maintenance

Velocity Web License and 1 Year Maintenance

Features: Application License - 1yr Standard Support & Maintenance

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Bringing the Future to Your Fingertips

Unlock the full potential of your retail and supply chain operations with the Velocity Web License and 1-Year Maintenance. This innovative solution transforms keyboard-based mobile devices into touchscreen wonders, providing a secure Android interface for your enterprise systems. It's not just a product; it's the key to touchscreen freedom.

Easy Migration and Modernization

You can effortlessly migrate your existing applications with Velocity, and begin deploying new devices with efficiency. There's no need to overhaul your enterprise systems. Velocity integrates with them, amplifying their life and value.

Preserve Your Enterprise Systems

There's no need to change your existing WMS, ERP, or other enterprise applications. Velocity seamlessly integrates with them, enhancing their mobility while extending their life and value. This is your chance to add a mobile twist to your existing systems.  Discover the Top 10 Reasons to Use Velocity in maintaining and enhancing your systems.

Versatile Deployment

One-time rapid modernization, endless deployment. Velocity offers the freedom to deploy your modernized applications across various devices, optimizing them to fit different screen sizes and keyboard configurations. Whether it's running Windows 10 on a forklift-mounted tablet or an Android device, Velocity has you covered.

Customized Device Experience

Velocity is built to embrace the unique technologies embedded in various mobile devices, ensuring your mobile application utilizes the full potential of your chosen device. This is the ultimate, personalized mobile experience. Securely deploy the latest devices in your retail and supply chain operations with Velocity. Our solution makes it easy for you to meet time and budget milestones in your next-generation mobile deployment, as highlighted in our UCT case study.

Multitask with Ease

With Velocity, multitasking is a breeze. Launch additional sessions in Velocity with a single tap, just like our Terminal Emulation, Naurtech CETerm, and Industrial Browser products. This is multitasking made easy.

Boost Productivity with Voice-Enabled Apps

Voice-enable your Velocity apps for improved productivity. Text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionalities allow workers to interact with your apps hands-free. Over 30 languages are supported, catering to your global supply chain deployments.

Minimize Migration Risks

Securely deploy the latest devices in your retail and supply chain operations with Velocity. This solution makes it easy for you to meet time and budget milestones in your next-generation mobile deployment, potentially saving millions in development costs.

Faster and Better Deliveries

Velocity's automation and scripting features eliminate redundant steps, enabling workers to complete tasks faster. The modern user interface and configurable options for keyed-entry and data capture control improves data accuracy, allowing workers to fulfill more accurate orders. There are 5 solid reasons to bring your web apps to Android with Velocity
Consistent Web Experience Offers a uniform web experience across all devices and screen sizes.
Modern Screen Rendering Uses CSS/JavaScript to ensure older applications look right
Easy Integration Can be easily added to your existing mobile software.
Customized Scripting Features autologin, screen parsing, and automated keypress.
Customized Device Scanner Support Accommodates customized device scanner configurations.
Host Application Compatibility Requires no changes to your existing host application.
Custom Keyboard Support Provides custom keyboard and function keys support.
Controlled Application Updates You control application updates, not Google.
Enterprise Voice Ready Equipped with Speakeasy Enterprise Voice, offering an advantage over Google Consumer Voice.


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