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WiFi Mapping and Installation

The Seamless Business Wireless Network.

In the heart of Australia’s digital transformation, Intermax stands out as a leading force. With the ubiquity of 4G, 5G, NBN, optic fibre, and satellite connections, is your business WiFi at par with the best?

Today, an array of devices, from smartphones to industrial printers, are WiFi-ready. The question is: can your present network meet the increasing demand? While home WiFi setups are straightforward, crafting a robust connection for expansive spaces like warehouses or office complexes requires expertise.

Intermax's Comprehensive Guide to WiFi Installation:
Site Survey
Site Survey

As a foundational step, Intermax conducts an exhaustive site survey. While a hands-on, physical survey is our gold standard, we’re also equipped for advanced virtual assessments using state-of-the-art software. This methodical approach identifies potential challenges, determining optimal placements for access points (APs) and the right AP types to ensure peak performance.

Selecting APs
Selecting APs

Intermax’s seasoned professionals handpick APs based on their designated operating environments. From electrical outlets to data cabinet placements, we ensure seamless operation at every step.

Wired Network Design
Wired Network Design

After pinpointing AP positions, our team crafts a bespoke wired network design. We factor in the nuances of different cables, be it CAT6 or optic fibre, ensuring the network’s resilience and efficiency.

Powering APs
Powering APs

Intermax offers both traditional and modern solutions, letting clients choose between standard outlets or the sleek power over Ethernet (PoE) for APs.

Access points (APs) come in varied shapes and sizes, with some designed for offices and others for challenging locations. It’s pivotal to discern between consumer and enterprise-grade APs. While consumer APs might be cheaper, enterprise APs offer better range, security, and support. Depending on the location, you might need APs that can withstand high temperatures or specific hazardous conditions.

Lastly, Intermax simplifies the choice between managed or autonomous networks. While autonomous APs function individually, managed networks, particularly those cloud-connected, offer streamlined operations—essential for expansive businesses.

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The team at Intermax were easy to deal with, great communicators and always happy to go the extra yard. Definitely recommend!

Steven Windsor, Southern Cross

Once we’re done, you’re guaranteed to enjoy secure, reliable wifi at all times wherever you are at your facility.

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