Exploring Axicon ISO Barcode Verifiers and Their Suited Applications

Exploring Axicon ISO Barcode Verifiers and Their Suited Applications blog featured image

Exploring the Different Types of Axicon ISO Barcode Verifiers and their suited Barcode Applications

Barcode Verifiers play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and quality of barcodes, which are integral to numerous industries, especially in Retail and Logistics. Axicon, a leading provider of barcode verification solutions, offers a range of verifiers tailored to specific applications. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of Axicon barcode verifiers and delve into their respective barcode applications.

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Axicon 6000 Series

The Axicon 6000 series verifiers are designed to verify small linear barcodes out to a maximum width of 66mm. Used typically on point-of-sale or pharmaceutical products it is deigned of a wide range of barcodes including; EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128, HIBC, GS1 DataBar, GS1-128, CIP 39 and Laetus Pharmacode linear barcodes. These verifiers provide accurate and consistent verification results, making them ideal for label printers, printers and packagers, and pre-press studios.

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Axicon 6500 Series

The Axicon 6500 series has the same high resolution reader as the 6000 series but features a wider reader out to 125mm; this means it can be used to check all GS1 symbols used at the retail point-of-sale (EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A and UPC-E, GS1 Databar), those used on outer cases (EAN-13, ITF-14, and GS1-128), and on logistics labels (GS1-128).including UPC/EAN and ITF-14 barcodes. They are perfect for all barcodes printed on a 4” wide Thermal printer as well as for use with printers and packagers, and pre-press studios. 

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Axicon 7000 Series

The Axicon 7000 series barcode verifier is designed to verify large linear barcodes with a maximum width (including quiet zones) of 200 mm. This means it can be used to check all barcodes used in general distribution, whether they appear on outer cases or on pallet labels (EAN-13, UPC-A, ITF-14 and GS1-128).  For anyone printing 100% sized ITF-14 symbols, or A5 or larger pallet labels, this verifier is perfect. The Axicon 7000 series is commonly used in warehouse or distribution applications where the ITF-14 carton codes can be quite large and a lower resolution verifier is more suitable. 

“S” Range of Verifiers

The ‘S’ range of Axicon verifiers are available in most of the above models and have a continuous scan feature, which means that obtaining at least ten different readings throughout the height of the barcode (as required by ISO/IEC) is much faster. Simply place the verifier slightly above or below the barcode, press the trigger and slide the verifier over the code – in less than a second you can have results of up to 100 scans of the code at different points in the bar height.

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Axicon 15000 Series

The Axicon 15000 series verifiers have been designed to read both 2D (two-dimensional) and linear barcodes. With two models available; the units can scan barcodes out to 60mm x 45mm or 95mm x 70mm field of view. The system uses a special array of LEDs and a CCD-based sensor to capture each barcode image before it is analysed.  It is able to verify multiple barcodes in the same field of view, whether they are 2D or linear codes. QR Code, GS1 QR Code, Data Matrix and GS1 DataMatrix symbols can all be verified, as can any EAN/UPC, ITF-14, GS1-128, Code 128, or Code 39 symbol.

As the Axicon Distributor for Australia, Intermax offers a comprehensive range of Axicon barcode verifiers tailored to different barcode types and industry requirements. The Axicon 6000, 6500, 7000, and 15000 series verifiers cater to a diverse array of applications, from retail and logistics to healthcare and manufacturing. By investing in Axicon barcode verifiers, businesses can ensure barcode quality, compliance, and data accuracy, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. In addition to sales; Intermax offers comprehensive verifier training, re-certification and service, so you know you’re covered locally.


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