Barcode Printers

Barcode printers come in a wide array of sizes,and models designed for differnt uses. Most models are available in either of these two options:

Direct Thermal: which uses a heated print element to print the image onto heat sensitive paper with no printing ribbon needed.

Thermal Transfer: which also has a heated print element but uses printer ribbon to print the image onto a wide variety of label stocks from paper to polypropylene for a wide variety of applications from freezers, heat, wet or industrial environments.

Barcode printers are described in 4 different categories based on use: 1. Desktop, 2. Industrial, 3. Mobile, and 4. Receipt printers.

  • Desktop

    Desktop (2)

    Desktop Bar Code Printers are generally used for applications that have a low print volume need a small footprint. Print volume up to 1000 labels a day. Can be purchased in direct thermal or thermal transfer print options with interface options, such as USB, Serial and Ethernet.
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  • Industrial Printers

    Industrial Printers (3)

    Industrial Barcode Printers are best suited for users operating in harsh environments such as warehouses or manufacturing plants. Print volume is between 4000 to 7000 labels a day. Available in direct thermal or thermal transfer. Additional options available are rewind, peel, present, and multiple communication interfaces.
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  • Mobile Printers

    Mobile Printers (2)

    Mobile Barcode Printers: are used for applications where you are required to print labels on the move, from a mobile trolley or vehicle eg: forklift. They can communicate to a mobile computer via Bluetooth, and or Wi-Fi. Great for markdowns, shelf labels and or shipping labels.
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  • Receipt Printers

    Receipt Printers (5)

    Receipt Barcode Printers: are low cost printers for printing out small receipts. Typically direct thermal with a few interface options available, such as USB, Serial, and Ethernet.
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