7 Top Advantages of Barcode Use for Inventory Management

7 reasons to implement barcodes for inventory management

7 Reasons to Implement Barcodes for Inventory Management

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed with your inventory? Does it feel like your warehouse is getting too big for you to handle?

Inventory management is a great part of your warehouse business but when it gets too big, it’s time for you to upgrade it. You can upgrade its forecasting capabilities similar to 61% of all other businesses. But if you want to improve, your business could go one step further and use barcodes for inventory management.

There are a lot of barcode reader types out there. But each of them has its own benefits that you can use as reasons to implement it in your warehouse business.

1. Fast But Accurate

The more you automate the processes in your warehouse, the lower its operational costs become.

After all, using machine learning ensures that human errors become minimal and more efficient. With the right programming, scanners can read the labels almost instantaneously without errors.

  • Using them alongside your warehouse management system means the data entry process becomes faster. This means you can manage more types of data as well. After all, most of your customers need the real-time visibility for their fulfillment process.
  • Using barcodes will help capture the information at any stage. This gives your warehouse more efficiency while making customers more satisfied. Barcoding for inventory gives a lot of value to your warehouse through these benefits.
2. More Supply Chain Mobility

There are several kinds of barcode scanners you can use to accomplish tasks based on your warehouse demands.

For example, if you want processes that integrate scanning, stationary scanners work best. It helps automate the process when the packages you store move fast.

But if you want to get the best out of your barcode inventory control, go for the handheld ones. These devices can integrate themselves with your warehouse management system. This increases the hands-on operation efficiency of your team.

If you need to increase staff capabilities and efficiencies, go for mobile computers. This gives them a greater degree of functionality.

You can use GPS to track your team members and give them a means of transferring inventory data no matter what distance.

3. Minimise Manual Processes

There are a lot of warehouse companies out there that give exclusive automation in their marketing or sales processes. But most of the more forward-thinking companies now optimise their processes whenever they can.

What this means is that your competitors now use barcoding inventory management for their warehouse systems.

If you opt to use manual processes for your warehouse inventory management, it can take up to 25% more time.


Using barcode scanners shorten that process. Depending on your scanner, you can have an instant means of transferring the data to your inventory management system.

4. Better Inventory Efficiency
Your warehouse loses a lot of money whenever you fail to keep track of its inventory.

Sometimes, you can overstock and waste money for unnecessary reasons. In more extreme cases, it can even lead to outages and result in unsatisfied customers.

Using barcode scanners enables your technology and processes to become more efficient in conjunction with your staff. Implementing them gives you a means of achieving inventory visibility.

This leads you closer towards a more ideal inventory.

  • Maintaining inventory that you can manage is cost-efficient.
  • It helps you with order fulfillment and makes stock replenishing a simple process.
  • The end result of this is lower management costs for your warehouse.
5. Better Staff Management

One of the best ways to keep your staff happy is to build ownership among them.

What this means is that you need to make it easier for you to manage your staff. Using barcode scanners in your warehouse eases the time and boosts the productivity of your employees.

  • Assigning a scanner for each staff member lets you track their activities no matter the time of the day.
  • This enables you to track payroll with more accuracy and speed.
  • It’s a more honest means of tracking the right compensation for the amount of work they put in.
6. Data Process Optimisation
A lot of employees feel unsatisfied when they don’t feel like they have information to do their work. It’s a common problem that you might encounter on a regular basis.

Barcode scanners can give the right information your employees can use to make decisions.

For example, it enables them to anticipate the load size of your inventory.

  • This allows them to prepare more and know the right tools and equipment for new shipments.
  • It has the right information that lets them predict how much workload they’ll receive.

Some barcode scanners can help employees identify the total order sizes.

  • This enables them to decide on the best type of packaging and storage space for the current workload.
  • As they continue using it, you save more on packaging supplies and
  • lose less time trying to find the right storage location for shipments received.
7. Give More Business Value
Managing your warehouse has a big impact on whether your business succeeds or fails.
  • To manage the demand for your business, you need to ensure that you have an instant means of accessing inventory data.
  • Your customer service team also needs the access to the data while your customers call them for inquiries or other concerns.

If your warehouse remains inefficient in these areas, you can lose business due to wait times. Using barcode scanners to complement cross-channel inventory management software helps ensure that your business runs without a hitch.

Find the right type of barcode that suits your business

Choose The Right Barcodes For Inventory Management Today!

All warehouses need a great inventory management system to function with higher rates of efficiency.

Using barcodes for inventory can help accomplish that by giving a fast and accurate means of scanning your inventory.

  • This results in less manual processes prone to human error and
  • other consequences that can lead to inefficiencies in various processes like staff management.

There are a lot of good barcode scanners out there at your disposal. Do your research and find the right type that suits your warehouse business. The right choice can affect the success of your inventory management.

Do you need advice on what products to use for your warehouse business?

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