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how IMPROVED WIFI COVERAGE increased warehouse productivity

Having a great WiFi installation that provides reliable coverage and fast connection rates in not all about having lots of Access Points (AP’s). In fact, many installations have too many Access Points and are not configured correctly for the best results. Our client was a major retail warehouse experiencing very slow scanning responses, system freezes and delays resulting in much frustration and loss of productivity.

barcode label solution saves time and money

Providing a simple barcode solution to replace a labour intensive labeling task – not only improved our clients entire labeling process, it also cut costs to such an extent that it saved approximately $40,000 in labour expenses per year alone.


A sheep farmer contacted Intermax with the problem of variations of wool quality being produced. They already had Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) tags attached to their sheep to track and log their grazing locations but we needed to find a way to use this data to improve the product that they were selling – the wool that these sheep grew.

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