PC Tablets In The Warehouse

PC Tablets in the Warehouse

PC Tablets In The Warehouse

All businesses must be wise in their expenditure – especially on technology, however just like you wouldn’t tow a caravan with a Mini – you need to select the appropriate technology for the environment or you could pay dearly.

A major clothing manufacturer, who designed and distributed trendy lifestyle clothing were using Trolley mounted PC Tablets to perform their picking tasks in their warehouse.

They approached Intermax initially seeking support for their Tablets, as they were having significant hardware failures which was reducing their productivity. At any given time a third of the fleet were out of action due to hardware failures and as the warranty period had past, the repair costs were running high.

Intermax initially repaired their units and analysed the faults with the Tablets and it was soon clear that these devices were struggling to survive their environment and were no longer fit for purpose.

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In considering the cost of ongoing repairs an industrial RF Terminal was selected for replacement of the fleet and while its initial cost was more expensive than the Tablets previously used:

  • the tough enclosure,
  • mountability and
  • build quality proven well suited to the environment.

The New Terminals provided 100% reliability over the following three years and beyond and clearly illustrated that the right choice of hardware is essential for the success of any warehouse operation.

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