The right barcode scanners, printers and accessories to make your life easier.

Choosing the correct barcode technology solution can be daunting. When making a selection you need to consider your work environment, the connectivity, and the application. We can help you find the right solution for your needs.

Why Choose Intermax?

Intermax helps you solve unique problems with barcode technology. We work in partnership with you from start to finish, so you find the solution you need. We exceed expectations so you make a profit and increase productivity.

Whether you're in warehousing, healthcare, retail, or manufacturing - big or small - we help you increase productivity, cultivate happier staff and become more profitable with the latest barcode technology.

Solving business problems through barcodes,

automation and custom software.



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Painless barcode systems designed to increase productivity, staff engagement and profitability.

Increased Productivity

Automating processes means your operational costs are lower. Using barcode technology and barcode scanners can significantly increase productivity and reduce barcode errors. Less errors mean higher productivity and happier, more motivated staff.

Staff Retention

One of the best ways to keep your team happy is to build ownership of a solution that makes it easier for them to do business, day in, day out. Using barcode scanners in your business reduces time and boosts the productivity of your employees.

Reduce Losses

Your business can lose a lot of money if you fail to keep track of inventory – this means you can overstock and tie up money in inventory. With an inventory system, you can keep track of stock and keep your customers satisfied.

We saved one customer $40,000 per year in inefficient labour with a custom label solution.

How much can we save you?

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Get an affordable custom solution for your scanning and labelling needs with equipment that works, so you can save time on the floor. Your team will be happy and more productive with mobile computers, wifi equipment and printers plugged into a warehouse management system.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Our inventory and patient management systems ensures that ordering the stock with our mobile computer is done quickly and efficiently saving time, using paper-based system and or key-in in at a computer, so you can focus on treating patients.

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Warehouse management systems allow for paperless operations, so receiving goods, or picking orders, is achieved automatically. You’ll eliminate errors by qualifying the correct product is going into the correct location using barcodes.

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Federal, State or Local Government departments can use barcode technology to keep costs down while increasing efficiency and maintaining the same level of service.

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Barcode technology and asset tracking software can help schools and libraries effectively and accurately track books on loan, returns, and what’s on the shelf without having to overhaul your existing library management system.

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Libraries & Schools

Automate your stocktaking procedures with a quick, functional, and accurate mobile stocktake solution. Intermax’s stocktaking systems pays for itself after the first stocktake. Make stocktaking easy and painless, and speed up the entire process so you increase staff productivity.

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The Bicycle Corporation started working with Intermax around 2006. We needed  to improve both stock levels and picking accuracy in our warehouse.  Since then Intermax has been an integral part of our system. They have assisted us with warehouse moves and hardware upgrades.  The service has been outstanding.
Robert Oliveri
IT Manager, Bike Corp
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AWTA has been working with Intermax since 2008 to provide our barcode scanning equipment.  Our quality control systemhas a barcode scanner at each wool class test station. We scan each wool sample and record it against every test conducted. This now enables us to accurately and efficiently provide test reports.
John Billing
Data Processing Manager, AWTA Ltd
hanes brand
Hanesbrands has been working with Intermax since February 2009. The reason for working with Intermax has been to improve efficiencies and replace old technology. Intermax has always provided us solutions with a minimum of downtime, and comprehensive technical support, training, and service.
Stuart Forge

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