8 Reasons You Need To Be Using Barcode Technology

8 Reasons You Need To Be Using Barcode Technology

8 Reasons You Need To Be Using Barcode Technology

Did you know the first version of the barcode was bullseye-shaped?

The rectangular design we’re all familiar with only became official on March 30, 1973. Not only did the barcode have to be small and neat, it also had to be readable from any direction. And it had to work with existing printing tech used for standard labels.

These days, it’s easy to take barcode technology for granted. Even if we don’t see it every day in action, we’ve become so used to it as consumers. It’s a different story for business owners.

Here are 8 different ways barcoding technologies benefit small businesses:
1. It Eliminates Human Error

Can you imagine encoding hundreds of items? What about thousands?

Entering data by hand takes time and it’s not 100% accurate. Of course, you can double-check everything. You can even go over each entry thrice.

But why would you or your employees do that when there are other tasks to do?

With barcodes, you scan items, ensuring accuracy without rechecking data.

2. Speeds up Tasks

Still relying on manual data entry? Consider the exhaustive process:

  • Encoding Details: Your team is bogged down with jotting down every product detail.
  • Double-Checking: They must then verify each package and decode its specifics.
  • Revisiting: And, oh, the endless cycle of revisiting entries to weed out errors!

Such methods consume invaluable time and effort.

Here’s the magic solution: Barcode scanning technology.

With a simple ‘point and scan‘, a retail worker can process numerous items in mere moments.

Compare that with painstakingly jotting down each product code! No wonder customers prefer speedy checkouts over long waits.

3. It’s A Must For Maintaining Inventory Data

Effective inventory management is key to slashing overhead costs. Just picture the myriad of items circulating in and out of your warehouse daily. It’s essential to:

  • Monitor: Keep a keen eye on every item in stock.
  • Track: Ensure nothing goes amiss.

Enter the prowess of barcode scanners. These tools:

  • Streamline Record-Keeping: No more tedious manual logs; everything’s digitized.
  • Facilitate Real-Time Updates: Whether it’s in your warehouse or on store shelves, items are tracked instantly.
  • Enhance Transparency: Teams can cross-check data and pinpoint any discrepancies or missing items.

And it’s not just warehousing. Transportation sectors are hopping on the barcode bandwagon, connecting scanners to centralized databases. This seamless link guarantees real-time status updates – from package acceptance to its delivery.

4. It’s Cost-effective
Do you need to buy the most sophisticated barcoding system available?
  • Top-Tier Isn’t Always Better: You don’t need the fanciest system on the block.
  • Choose Wisely: With the right provider, you’ll snag a scanner tailored to your industry.
  • Start Small, Think Big: You can use your smartphone apps. They’re handy but might fall short as you expand.
  • Scale with Success: As your business blossoms, ensure your barcode tech does too.
5. It Reduces Employee Training Time
Streamlining Employee Onboarding with Barcode Scanners

Getting your team up to speed with barcode scanners is a breeze, thanks to:

  • Consistency Across Devices: Whether it’s Brand A or Z, barcode scanners function similarly.
  • Simple Setup: Just activate the reader light, and you’re almost set.
  • User-Friendly Design: Scan an item by simply holding it under the reader. If you’re using a handheld scanner, you can move the device up and down to get a reading.
  • Quick Mastery:First time users?  try scanning different items to ensure it’s working right. Employees should be able to pick it up right away whether it’s in a retail or a warehouse environment.
6. It Helps With Decision-making
Barcode technology makes available the data you need for decision-making.
  • Instant Data Access: Whether you’re tracking prices or inventory, barcodes serve real-time data on a platter.
  • Less Hassle, More Strategy: Manual systems? They mean sifting through piles of data, draining both time and money.
  • Reinvest Your Resources: Save those precious hours and dollars for growing your business, not grappling with data.
7. It’s Practical
Pondering over smartphone apps for your barcoding needs?

Let’s break it down:

  • Thinking Big?: Smartphone apps might not be the best if you’re planning growth.
  • Future-Proofing: Ensure your tech aligns with evolving pricing and inventory demands.
  • Hidden Costs & Distractions: Can you equip every employee with a phone? What if they get distracted by personal notifications? such as checking their emails or updating their Facebook?
  • Speed Matters: Apps often lag behind dedicated systems in performance.

A dedicated barcode scanning system will save you more money in the long run. And you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your staff’s productivity and focus.

8. Multifunctional
We’ve talked about barcode scanners for retail and warehouse use. But they’ve got a wide variety of applications.
  • Entertainment: From movie theaters to concerts, barcodes grace our tickets, making event management efficient. Event organizers sometimes skip traditional tickets, letting attendees print at home.
  • Travel & Tourism: Flying somewhere? Barcodes now dominate boarding passes, Some travelers prefer to print their own boarding pass and flashing their smartphone codes at check-in.

The takeaway? Barcodes seamlessly integrate into various facets of our lives, simplifying processes and ensuring accuracy.

Integrating Barcode Solutions for your Business

Looking For A Barcode Technology Solution?

Do you need a barcode technology solution that integrates well with your system? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Tailored Integration: Need a system that meshes perfectly with your operations? We’ve got you covered.
  • Industry Expertise: We’re proud partners to diverse sectors – healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and even governmental bodies.
  • Bespoke Software: Our adept team crafts custom software applications, tailored to your unique OS.

Let’s chat!

At Intermax, we’re driven to craft solutions that resonate with your needs and vision.


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